Misha Piatigorsky

Misha Piatigorsky

time 7:00 pm

October 20, 2017

Smoke ‘N Water is excited to present acclaimed Jazz artist Misha Piatigorsky!

Vibrant jazz pianist, composer and producer, hailed by the Boston Globe as the artist who “beautifully merges the worlds of serious jazz and pop,” — Misha blends powerful melodies with an unusual harmonic sensitivity. It’s a sound with a deeply personal yet cosmopolitan dimension, reflecting his experience as a Russian-Jewish émigré growing up in urban America. The great nephew of legendary cellist Gregor Piatigorsky, with international upbringing followed by international acclaim, he works in New York City to advance the modern jazz sound beyond the standards.

Misha hits the stage at 7, make sure you have your table booked! Reserve online or by calling 250-468-7192